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Who We Are

A team of translators, lecturers, lawyers, civil engineers and other experts with many years of experience.

Our Mission

To provide clients with high-quality, on-time, and terminologically correct services, with an individual approach, according to the agreement.

What We Do

We provide language and translation services and publish two international magazines in English.

Our History

The beginnings of our business date back to 1990, when self-employed Magdaléna Sobotková began offering English lessons. With a growing number of clients (Shell, Grundig, Siemens, Zakládání staveb, Zakládání Group, etc.) it was necessary to start employing English and German teachers, including native speakers. At that time, we also included translation services in our offer.

This activity was interrupted in 2008 by the economic crisis.

The solution was specialization – continuation of the offer of construction English and expansion of the offer to include legal and business English.

In 2014, the company PROF-ENG, s. r. o. was founded.

In 2015, we started publishing an English-Czech magazine on bridge design, construction, operation and maintenance e-mosty, with the aim to provide Czech civil engineers with translations of articles from abroad. However, at the beginning of 2016, thanks to social networks, the magazine became an international magazine and since the autumn of 2016, it has been published only in English. Since 2019, we have been publishing another magazine, e-maritime. In both magazines we now publish only original texts on important bridge projects, ports, maritime equipment, vessels, technologies, software, etc. in cooperation with companies from all over the world.

We continue to offer teaching and translation, and we plan to use our acquired international experience and contacts to offer specialized courses in Malta, online courses in construction English using virtual reality, and the offer of writing technical texts.



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